Love has no borders.
Neither does my creativity for making cinematic memories!
I’m Foulques, and I film weddings. Although I’m based in Belgium, I film weddings anywhere in Europe and beyond. My films are not just a report on what happened on THE day, but they also reflect your emotions, your desires, your dreams on this particular day, in short, Your story. As for me, wherever I am, in bed, in the street, in the swimming pool, I’m constantly basking in the music of films. Thanks to this music, I like to stage, in my head, the life around me. Hence my delight in capturing these strong and emotional moments of Your wedding. I’m also always on the lookout for more challenging projects. That’s why I also have my own production company, Yallix, which enables me to make commercials and documentary films, all over the world.
Last Projects
Julia & Patrick

Hellnar, Island

My motto

”To create unexpected emotions and sensations for couples who relive their wedding day shortly or a long time after THE day“

Yes, I limit my bookings to a few dates each year, thereby focusing more on quality than on quantity

You are also a professional filmmaker, and you want to discuss wedding filmography, its style, gear, or other matters? In which case, get in touch.